Getting started


If you have pip or easy_install, you can just:

pip install --upgrade pyautocad


easy_install -U pyautocad

Also, you can download Windows installer from PyPI pyautocad page.


Retrieving AutoCAD ActiveX documentation

A copy of the AutoCAD ActiveX guide and reference can be found in the help directory of your AutoCAD install.

  • acad_aag.chm - ActiveX and VBA Developer’s Guide
  • acadauto.chm - ActiveX and VBA Reference

Reference can also be found in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\acadauto.chm

What’s next?

Read the Usage section, or look for real applications in examples folder of source distribution.


Applications in examples are Russian engineering specific, but anyway I hope you’ll find something interesting in that code.

For more info on features see API documentation and sources.